piątek, 2 stycznia 2015


Time to face a fact.

I suck at landscapes and I need to get out of comfort zone more often.

New Year - new resolutions

So after long break I've decided its time to get back on track. One of my new year resolution is to improve my 2d skills (and another one is to improve my english, so raising this blog from the dead is usefull in more than one way). Found a challenge at one of the polish sites (wykop.pl) Challenge is called #365rysunków which translates to 365drawings. Goal is to make one piece each day on given subject.
First subject was selfportrait.

1/365 completed

Another piece will land here hopefully today.

Have a great year!

sobota, 17 listopada 2012

Fat steroid rat

So my friend Czarek reminded me i own a blog - thanks :) I've been very busy with proffesional work lately, which i can't show yet, but finally managed some time to make something for myself (well almost). I've recived a task in a job to make my workflow presentation to the other employess (mostly to guide them where is the best time to give me feedback, and when it's too late :) ) So using this guy as an example i will make presentation out of it describing every major step.
The image above is work in progress highres model.