wtorek, 16 października 2012

Another one

Another one, around 6 hours this time. I should be more patient at a sketching stage to get proper perspective but i was to lazy, tried to save it by some tweaking later on but result is still far from proper ;) Lesson learned.
also some wip stages if someone is curious:

poniedziałek, 15 października 2012

It's about time to start

I was delaying this moment for a long time, perhaps a little bit too long as i regret i haven't done this like 2 years ago  so I could move back and take a look how I've progressed throughout the time .
Most of the content of this blog is going to circulate around concept art, digital paiting, sculpting and modeling as those are mine prior points of interests.

Anyway, It has to start somewhere, so let's begin.

Approximately 8 hours of work. One of my first tries at paiting a full scene, which is not a guy standing as my paiting usually looks like, rather i've tried to tell some simple story and concentrate more on overall composition than details.